myLED iPhone Notification Light, Red/Blue

  • Never miss an important email, missed call, Facebook or Twitter notification
  • Be passive - Let myLED tell you what's happening, and without disrupting your surrounding with ringing and vibrations
  • Customize the color and pattern of each notification in the myLED app (Red or Green)
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad
Your iPhone notifications visualized myLED alerts you to missed calls, emails, Twitter and Facebook notifications and battery level on your iPhone and iPad. Stay in the know with a simple glance. Be hands off: myLED plugs into your headphone jack and flashes in two colors and various patterns for incoming notifications. Be colourful: Use a simple app to easily modify the blink color and pattern for each alert type. Be productive in silence: myLED's discreet blink lets you stay informed without disrupting your surroundings with ringing or vibrations. Be flexible: Simply twist myLED 90 Degree to disable it in order to make and answer calls myLED works for all iPhone and iPad models. For compatibility with EU models





Read email, SMS and other notifications on your SmartWatch. Swipe to scroll. Touch to navigate. Gmail, POP3 and other email plugins are available at Google Play Store.


SmartWatch vibrates gently for every calendar notification in your phone. Tap the screen and read the details.


No need to check your phone to see if your Facebook friends are up to anything. SmartWatch lets you know. You can read Facebook messages and tweets as they come in.

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