Your iPhone notifications visualized
myLED alerts you to missed calls,
emails, Twitter and Facebook notifications
on your iPhone / iPad.
Stay in the know with a simple glance.


Be Hands Off!

myLED is the only notification light for iPhone and iPad.
Using the myLED app you can configure myLED to flash red, blue or green for incoming emails, missed calls, Facebook and twitter notifications.
myLED is delicately engineered to be small and discreet, fitting just right inside your iPhone or iPad headphone jack.

Be in control

Choose the alerts that you care about in a couple of clicks, with an easy to use, intuitive and beautiful app

Be colorful

Easily modify the blink color and pattern for each alert type so that you know what’s what

Stay Flexible

Want to stop using myLED? Just twist it 90°, or store it in a headphones clip when you’re on the move

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Productivity in Silence

myLED’s discreet blink lets you stay in the know without disrupting your surroundings with ringing or vibrations.

What our customers say about us...
myLED has brought new life to my phone!
Fernando Fuentes
What a fantastic app! Intuitive to use and has all the features I want to control notifications just how I like.
Sarah Morrison
Amazingly simple, customizable, and eliminates unwanted sounds that annoy all of us
Peter Wu, M.D.
This is certainly one Kickstarter project that has exceeded my expectations!
Barry Dobyns

Developers – Download our SDK

We have developed myLED as a game-changing accessory but we also believe that myLED has a variety of notification possibilities that we haven’t considered yet. In other words, we see myLED as a notification platform, not just an accessory. We make our myLED SDK freely available to all developers who may want to integrate myLED support into their own apps. The SDK comes with an extremely small static library and contains everything you need to integrate myLED with your own applications, including an example iOS app project to help you get setup.

By downloading the SDK you are accepting the terms and conditions

Please note, myLED won't work correctly with devices purchased in . Contact for more information